Elegance and exclusiveness in a unique shopping experience

Our headquarters are located in Palazzo Thiene, a building designed by Andrea Palladio in the heart of his symbolic city.
Also for this reason for us quality is not an option. We adore the attention to detail, we are fascinated by skilful ability linked to tradition, but we also love to study and experiment with dynamic and modern styles. Our boutiques are located in key points of the historic town centres of Vicenza, Padua, Verona, Treviso, Bergamo, Bolzan, Milan, Turin, Trento, Udine. They express their bond to craft excellence of the past and the ability to interpret the future. Each Pavin Group boutique opens the doors to a unique environment, with a beautiful story to tell and to discover, with you and for you.

Can the apparent simplicity of choosing an outfit or footwear be an exciting experience? For us it is, every day. Shopping in a Pavin store does not merely mean purchasing a garment or a pair of shoes with an attentive and personalized service. Our mission is to offer each customer a personal “fashion journey”. We believe that dressing is an experience that should produce feelings and memories. This is why we choose and select the best brands for you and know how to get the best from them. Evoking excitement and transmitting beauty: this is the constant commitment that creates a bond between Pavin Group and its Customers.